TZI - Inženjering

Tarcin – Konjic

Client: PC Motorways of FB&H
Designer: Consortium IPSA Institute Sarajevo, IGH Institute JSC Zagreb and TZI – Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo

The adopted Tarčin – Konjic motorway alignment is characterized by extremely difficult terrain conditions which result in a large number of structures, often changing tunnels and viaducts. The percentage share of the tunnel length in the total length of the alignment is 39% and the viaduct length is 29%. Unfavorable morphological conditions and in some places geological conditions that prevail on the adopted alignment, make Tarčin – Konjic motorway a very demanding section from the aspect of design and construction of structures.

Services provided by TZI-Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo:
Development of the Main design of the following structures:
  • Bridge Neretva: L=315.70 m
  • Overpass: L=108.00 m
  • Underpass: L=52.38 m
  • Viaduct Metaljica: L=230.00 m
  • Viaduct Galjevo: Ll=225.00 m i Ld=221.40 m obstacle height 50 m, with launching scaffolding, box prestressed RC cross section.