TZI - Inženjering

Pedestrian bridge “Most Ljubavi”

Responsible designer for development of the Preliminary, Main and Detailed design: Saraj Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo
Associate Designer for development of the Preliminary, Main and Detailed Design: TZI – Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo

In the previous year, the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the river Bosna in Visoko was completed, which connected the settlements of Luka and Ozrakovici, where nominated Responsible designer and Associate designer were companies “Saraj Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo” and “TZI – Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo”.
The pedestrian bridge is designed as a suspended bridge with a reinforced concrete superstructure with one reinforced concrete pylon (height 20.00 m) and oblique cables. Vertical alignment of the bridge is in a vertical curve, and the vertical alignment of the bridge is in line with the one hundred-year-old high – water level of the river Bosna and the structural height of the suspended superstructure. The static length of the bridge is 64.87 m, and the total length taking into account the wings is 78.87 m. The superstructure is a reinforced concrete slab of rectangular cross section.
The suspended assembly of the bridge consists of a reinforced concrete superstructure, a concrete pylon and oblique tensions made of high-grade steel. Tensions are the basic load – bearing structural element and consist of a calculated number of cables. The bridge has 6 tensions in total, whose anchoring is achieved through a steel slab concreted into the superstructure and pylon, and into the concrete rib on the abutment.
In order to improve the visual characteristics, within the horticultural arrangement, the plateau around the access ramp, part of the access zone in front of the ramp on the opposite bank of the river, green jardinieres were planted, and ornamental trees and low vegetation were planted. Also, with the same goal, LED lighting of the bridge and access zones was performed, which in addition to the lighting function of the walking zones also has an aesthetic function, which extinguishes the contour of the bridge, its structural elements and approaches to the bridge.