TZI - Inženjering

Rehabilitation of the tram railroad in Sarajevo

The section is situated from the old Orthodox church to the ‘S’ curve at Marijin dvor, in the length of 2,200.00 m. By applying modern technical solutions in rehabilitation of the tram railroad numerous shortcomings have been eliminated, whereby its lifetime has been extended, with minimum maintenance costs.

By using technical system ECO RCS along the entire section of the route, a significant reduction of noise and vibration has been ensured. 


Rehabilitation of tram railroad was performed in two phases:

G1 (od P455+2,56 m do P383), length 333,97 m

G2 (od P383 do P318), lenght 338 m

G3-R (od P318 do P295+3 m i do P469), length 143,35 m

G4 (od P295+3 m do P231), lenght 341,97 m

G5 (od P231 do P154), lenght 359,98 m

G6 (od P154 do P74), lenght 343,00 m

G7 (od P74 do P1), lenght 339,73 m