TZI - Inženjering

Railway Sarajevo – Bradina

Major track overhaul and tunnel Ivan rehabilitation works, section Sarajevo – Bradina in the length of 33,60 km

Client: Bosnia and Herzegovina Railway Public Corporation (BHZJK), Project Implementation Unit for Railway Rehabilitation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (PIU), Railways of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZFBH)

Services provided by TZI-Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo: Professional and technical supervision for Major Track Overhaul and Tunnel Ivan rehabilitation works, section Sarajevo – Bradina.
The major track overhaul included improvement of the substructure and drainage system, replacement of ballast, replacement of rails, sleepers, fastening and point switches on the open line and running lines. Also, major track overhaul included rehabilitation of bridges, slopes, and other structures.

Along the line section Sarajevo – Bradina there are 11 tunnels in overall length 6,83 km, among which the Tunnel Ivan (length 3,22 km) rehabilitation included construction of concrete sleepers embedded in a concrete slab. Also, there are 19 bridges on this line section, in overall length 1.825 m and 17 underpasses, among which few were rehabilitated during works.

Along track line Sarajevo – Bradina there are several inter-stations:

  • Sarajevo – Alipasin most: 3.514,62 m
  • Alipasin most – Blazuj: 7.123,10 m
  • Blazuj – Hadzici: 5.789,33 m
  • Hadzici – Pazaric: 6.171,52 m
  • Pazaric – Rastelica: 8.101,44 m
  • Rastelica – Bradina: 5.739,45 m.