TZI - Inženjering

Vlakovo – Lepenica

Client: PC Motorways of FB&H
Designer: Consortium IPSA Institute Sarajevo and TZI – Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo

The alignment of the section Vlakovo – Lepenica starts at the end of the route of the Sarajevo Bypass. At the very beginning of the alignment, a diamond-shaped interchange Vlakovo has been located with a roundabout without interlacing (made as part of the Sarajevo Bypass), parallel ramps, and the Vlakovo viaduct (approx. 390 m). Considering that it is located in the suburban area of the city of Sarajevo, where there are a lot of individual residential buildings, as well as existing roads, there are eight underpasses and one overpass on this section. The alignment on the section passes through hilly and mountainous terrain, and cuts and embankments with a certain number of structures, tunnels and viaducts alternate on the motorway alignment.
Services provided by TZI-Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo:
Development of the Main design of the following structures:
  • Interchange Vlakovo
  • Interchange Lepenica
  • Viaduct Vlakovo: L=393.07 m
  • Viaduct Gladno polje: L=347.09 m
  • Viaduct Samin gaj: L=348.00 m
  • Viaduct Podgaj: L= 65.00 m