TZI - Inženjering

Interregional interchange Johovac

Client: Ministry of transport and communications of B&H
Designer: Consortium: TZI – Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo and Institute for construction “IG” Banja Luka Ltd. Banja Luka
Project: Development of the Detailed design of Johovac interchange with the structures and Tunnel Putnikovo brdo 2

Total length of the section is 6,909 km, where the length of alignment of new full profile motorway is 3.02 km – from chainage 0+000.00 to chainage 2+120.00 on Johovac – Doboj South Motorway section and from chainage 28+800.00 to chainage 29+699.79 on Vukosavlje – Johovac Motorway section (2+2+emergency lanes, design speed 120km/h). Within the Main design of the interregional intersection “Johovac”, Main designs for twelve structures were also developed: two viaducts “Ramp 1” and “Ramp 3”; five bridges – bridges “Lukavička rijeka 1”, “Lukavička rijeka 2”, “Lukavička rijeka 3”, bridge across the “Grapska” River and bridge “Pranjkovački potok”; and five passages. Superstructure of bridges “Ramp 1” and “Ramp 2” is a longitudinally prestressed slab and it is reinforced in transverse direction. The static system of the object is a continual frame girder. Superstructure for the bridges “Lukavička rijeka 1”, “Lukavička rijeka 2” and “Lukavička rijeka 3” is reinforced concrete integral construction. The length of the structures is 52 m.
Services provided by TZI-Inzenjering Ltd. Sarajevo:
Development of the Detailed Design for construction of new motorway interchange including local roads, structures – bridges, viaducts, culverts etc., and tunnel “Putnikovo brdo 2” all in accordance with the provisions of the contract, local laws, regulations and rules of profession. Design was developed using standards and procedures fully compliant with the EU standards and regulations and the EBRD/EIB procedures and regulations. E(S)IA, Stakeholder engagement plan and EMP were developed according to the EBRD’S Environmental and Social Policy and EIB Guidelines.

Detailed design of the interregional interchange “Johovac” and tunnel “Putnikovo brdo 2” includes following:
  • Design of interchange “Johovac” alignment
  • Design of interior drainage of the alignment
  • Design of the watercourse regulation
  • Design of the roads out of main route
  • Design of structures at interchange “Johovac”
  • Installation in the interchange “Johovac”
  • Detailed design of tunnel “Putnikovo brdo 2”
  • Installations in the tunnel “Putnikovo brdo 2”
  • Cumulative Bill of Quantities for interchange and tunnel