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              Investor: Public Company "Republic of Srpska Motorways"

              Designer: TZI-Inženjering d.o.o. Sarajevo

A brief description and TZI-Inženjering services :

                      By the realization of the motorway connection of Banja Luka and Doboj as an Investment priority Project,
                      significant improvements of the traffic capacity and level of services would be achieved on segments
                      which are connecting Corridors Xc (E 661) and Vc (TEM).The initial chainage of the motorway section is placed
                      behind the interregional interchange Mahovljani 1, and the end chainage is at the connection of the existing
                      main route M17 ( interregional interchange Johovac 2), (section Šešlije-Doboj), in the zone of populated places
                      Johovac and Rudanka. The motorway section covers three interchanges Mahovaljni 2, Prnjavor and Johovac 1, a
                      "T" Type interchange with a toll station.The base of the project documentation were preliminary design
                      (made by IGH Institute 2009.) and a geodetic survey made for the purpose of making the main design.

The Project documentation is formed out of the following groups:

                      A Main Route - Section Prnjavor-Dobojl=36 km

                      B Interchanges Interchange Prnjavor i Johovac 1

                      C Roads out of main route l=20,4 km

                      G geomechanics

                      H Drainage, water protection and watercourse regulations - outter and inner drainage including 43 culverts

                      I Installations

                      O Objects - 52 objects including Bridge Bosna l=418m

                      P Traffic signalization and equipment

                      V Toll station, traffic control, and maintenance center, roadside servise facility

                      Objects at this motorway section are designed according to geomorphological and hydrological conditions.
                      On this section smaller bridges (spans up to 15m) are dominating which are design as box shaped RC structures.

                      The following bridges are designed as mentioned:

                      BRIDGE "RIJEKA VIJAKA 1" km 0+279.35
                      BRIDGE "RIJEKA VIJAKA " km 36+339.970
                      BRIDGE "GNJILAČ " km 37+839,950
                      BRIDGE "GNJILAČ 1 " km 38+027,840
                      PASS km 38+408,230
                      BRIDGE "MAMUTOVAC 1" 07-AN km 0+109,56
                      UNDERPASS "ČAVIĆI" km 43+992,410
                      BRIDGE "MAMUTOVAC" km 44+579,910
                      BRIDGE "ILOVA 1" km 46+890,200
                      BRIDGE "ILOVA 5" (13-AN Km 0+101,69)
                      BRIDGE "ILOVA 2" km 47+824,580
                      BRIDGE "ČELIĆA POTOK" km 49+885,650
                      BRIDGE "ILOVA 3" km 51+104,680
                      BRIDGE "MLAĐENOVAC" km 51+845,050
                      BRIDGE "MLAĐENOVAC 1" (18-NN Km 0+404,100) (R-14)
                      PASS "BJELJEVINA" km 53+103,920
                      BRIDGE "OSINJA" km 54+389,810
                      BRIDGE "ILOVA 6" (28-AN Km 0+135,200)(R-18)
                      BRIDGE "CRNČA" km 56+434,810
                      BRIDGE "ILOVA 4" km 58+111,910
                      BRIDGE "PLETARICA" km 58+558,080
                      PASSAGE FOR ANIMALS km 61+023,50
                      UNDERPASS "MIŠINCI" km 62+639,060
                      BRIDGE "FOČA 1" km 62+925,030
                      BRIDGE "FOČA 2" km 63+980,240
                      BRIDGE "FOČA 3" km 64+800,220
                      BRIDGE "FOČA 4 " km 65+850,900
                      UNDERPASS "BARE VASILJUŠA" km (37-AN)
                      BRIDGE "FOČA 5" km 67+915,580
                      BRIDGE "FOČA 6" km 70+600,470
                      BRIDGE "FOČA 7" km 0+099,250 (R28)

                      On the section overpasses are desgigned to provide continuity of local roads over motorway:

                      OVERPASS - PETLJA "PRNJAVOR" km 36+057,410
                      OVERPASS "LUŽANI" km 40+357,780
                      OVERPASS "SLATINCI" km 0+279.35
                      OVERPASS "RADULOVIĆI" km 43+175,030
                      OVERPASS "UKRINA km 45+534,96
                      OVERPASS "GARIĆI" km 47+379,640
                      OVERPASS "BEZARI" km 48+340,000
                      OVERPASS "MITROVIĆI" km 50+100,030
                      OVERPASS "BAŠIĆI" km 52+473,770
                      OVERPASS "STANKOVIĆI" km 53+565,120
                      OVERPASS "NINKOVIĆI" km 53+866,710
                      OVERPASS "BREZIČANI" km 55+631,990
                      OVERPASS "DONJANI" km 57+250,030
                      OVERPASS "MALA SOČANICA" km 58+941,050
                      OVERPASS "BARE VASILJUŠA" km 66+057,490
                      OVERPASS "STARČEVIĆI km 66+964,530
                      OVERPASS "GOJKOVIĆI" km 69+665,750
                      OVERPASS INTERCHANGE "JOHOVAC 1" km 70+306,400

                      Bridges with spans over 15m are bridges accros river Bosna and Ukrina:

                      BRIDGE "UKRINA" km 45+915,760
                      BRIDGE "BOSNA" km 71+504,600

      The project is at construction phase. The construction progress can be monitored through pictures on the following link: Photos

      Visualisation: Section Prnjavor-Dionica